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The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society (GWAS) is a group with the vision to preserve and enhance the integrity of the ecosystem in the Ghost Watershed in order to secure the optimum quality and yield of the area's surface and groundwater resources.

The GWAS has set its mission to identify ecosystem and environmental issues affecting the watershed of the Ghost-Waiparous, raise public awareness and work towards resolving these issues.

Through the year the GWAS organizes several events like Walks in the Watershed and Open Houses. The Walks are not only educational, but they are also fun events showing you the beauty of the watershed and the challenges we have to face. 

An important part of GWAS work is to develop a science-based understanding of this watershed. Understanding its composition, structure and function as well as its thresholds to maintaining ecological integrity. Over the past few years GWAS has engaged several highly respected Scientists and Professionals, such as Dr. Brad Stelfox and Forester & Ecologist Herb Hammond, helping us to achieve this goal. More information on the studies is available on our Research & Data page.

GWAS has come a long ways since its inception in 2002, with a growing membership and many passionate people serving on GWAS Board of Directors.

YOUR input and participation as a member of GWAS is crucial to achieve our Mission and Vision!
Please consider to become a member of GWAS by signing up today!

Annual memberships for GWAS are only $10 for individuals and $20.- for family memberships.

As a member you will be informed about upcoming events, our activities and other news regularly by e-mail and you will be invited to join our Walks in the Watershed.
By becoming a member you will be strengthening our voice for the Ghost Watershed, working towards maintaining this exceptional gem at Calgary’s door-step for this generation and the many that will follow.
A gem that provides us with ecological goods and services such as clean, abundant water, wildlife habitat and a place to recreate.

GWAS is a recognized stakeholder for the Ghost area. 
We are part of the Ghost Stewardship Monitoring Group (GSMG) established by the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) dealing with motorized recreation issues.
In recent years we have also been involved with the review of the Detailed Forest Management Plan of Spray Lake Sawmills as well as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) audit.
We keep track of logging activities planned for the Ghost Watershed and provide input based on the objective of maintaining water quality and quantity.

GWAS is also a member of the Calgary Area Outdoor Council . 

Please check our News & Events page for frequent updates. 

Please contact us by e-mail for any further information.


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