To achieve these goals, GWAS has a mission to protect the integrity of the Ghost

Watershed through:

     • identifying ecosystem and environmental issues,

     • raising public awareness,

     • providing advice to decision makers, and

     • taking action to resolve issues.

GWAS has come a long way since its inception in 2002, with a growing membership and many passionate people serving on GWAS Board of Directors. To find out more about the 20-years journey of GWAS, please visit our StoryMap "People in Place".

You can download the GWAS Operations Plan for 2021-2023 here.

About GWAS

YOUR input and participation as a member of GWAS is crucial to achieve our Mission and Vision!

Please consider becoming a member of GWAS by signing up today!

Annual memberships (by calendar year) are only

$10 for individuals and $20 for family memberships.

As a member you will be informed about upcoming events, our activities and other news regularly by e-mail and you will be invited to join our Walks in the Watershed. If you would like to become a new Member of GWAS or renew your membership, you can either send a cheque by mail or sign up online by visiting the Get Involved page.

By becoming a member you will be strengthening our voice for the Ghost Watershed, working towards maintaining this exceptional gem at Calgary’s door-step for this generation and the many that will follow.

This Watershed is a gem that provides us with ecological goods and services such as clean, abundant water, wildlife habitat and a place to recreate.

GWAS is a recognized stakeholder for the Ghost Watershed.

We take part in govenment processes around land-uses, watershed management and stewardship. The Alberta Government’s South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) describes WSGs as important contributors to implement the plan. We keep track of land-use activities planned for the Ghost Watershed and provide input based on the objective of maintaining watershed integrity and improving its health where it has been compromised by land-use activates.  

Please check our News & Events page for frequent updates.

You can download a copy of GWAS Bylaws here.

Please contact us by e-mail for any additional information:


the Board of Directors

Ghost Watershed Alliance Society

P.O. Box 1461

Cochrane, AB  T4C 1B4


The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society (GWAS) is a Watershed Stewardship Group (WSG) with the vision for the Ghost Watershed to be a biologically rich headwaters ecosystem in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes that supplies abundant clean water maintained through stewardship and holistic management.

As established under the Alberta Government's Water for Life Strategy, the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society is a partner working toward the Strategy's three main goals:

• "safe, secure drinking water;

• healthy aquatic ecosystems; and

• reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy."