On this page you will find links to informative documents and webpages relating to the Ghost Watershed.  


Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve - Watershed/Forest Preservation and Livestock Grazing History

with special reference to the Ghost River Watershed by Bryne Weerstra (pdf-file, 3.1MB)

Water Quality Study:

In 2005/06 a water quality study was performed for Alberta Environment looking at sediment loads in the major watercourses of the Ghost Watershed. You can download the following documants here:

- Executive Summary (475KB)

- Full report (Large file! 12.2MB)

Forest Reserve Multi-Use Dialogue:  

A one-year information gathering process to identify issues of multi-use within the Ghost River Forest Reserve:

In 1999 the MD of Bighorn submitted the Forest Reserve Multi-Use Dialogue (FRMUD) report to the Minister of Environment.

“The purpose of this project is to draw attention to the widespread ecosystem degradation that is being caused by random camping and off-highway vehicle use in the Ghost River Forest Reserve. Over a 12-month period the M.D. of Bighorn through a steering committee has worked hard to increase our understanding of this critical issue.

The main focus of this study has been to initiate dialogue.”

You can download a copy of the FRMUD report (pdf-format) by clicking here.

City of Calgary Source Water Protection Plan: "Source water is an important resource for The City of Calgary and surrounding areas. Protecting source water is the first line of defence to minimize the risk of contamination to our drinking water". The Ghost Watershed is part of Calgary's headwaters. Please download the report for more information.

First Nations History in the Ghost Watershed by Bill Motherwell: coming soon

STREAM - DNA: Preliminary DNA Data - Bow River, AB December 2019

In 2019, GWAS participated in the STREAM DNA training and subsequently sampled a first site in the Waiparous Creek sub-basin of the Ghost Watershed. Please download the report for more information