Please visit our albums below for photos of the Ghost Watershed, GWAS events and programs.

Bio-engineering Sept. 2016

(12 photos)

Media Gallery

Landscapes of the Ghost

(51 photos)

Flora & Fauna

(28 photos)

Walks in the Watershed

(55 photos)

Flood of 2013

Land-use in the Ghost

Bio-engineering Project 2013/14

(22 photos and 2 videos)


Bio-engineering 2017

(33 photos incl. 2018 update)

Bio-engineering 2019

(1 video and 24 photos)

Virtual field trip to the Ghost

30 minute video tour of the

Ghost Watershed.

Bio-engineering 2020

(22 photos)

Bio-engineering 2021

(22 photos)

Photo Gallery:

Beneath the Surface

Video on the GWAS water

monitoring program (20 min.)

Working together to restore our watersheds

Video on riparian restoration using bio-engineering techniques (9 min.)

Fire & Water: How Wildfire Affects Calgary's Source Watershed and Beyond

Video presentation on wildfire effects on watersheds developed in parternship with the City of Calgary and the Elbow River Watershed Partnership (45 min.)

Bio-engineering 2022

(15 photos)


Bio-engineering 2023

(27 photos)