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Ghost Watershed Alliance Society (GWAS)

PO Box 1461, Cochrane, Alberta, T4C 1B4


The Ghost Watershed, located app. 60 km west of Calgary, Alberta, covers almost 1,000 kmĀ². Most of the watershed is on public land within the Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve and the MD of Bighorn.

The Ghost River is a tributary of the Bow River, providing an average of 7% of the flow of the Bow upstream of Calgary.

The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society (GWAS) is a not-for-profit Watershed Stewardship Group (WSG) under Alberta's Water for Life Strategy working towards preserving and enhancing the ecosystem in the Ghost Watershed.

GWAS was established under the Alberta Societies Act in 2002. Under the Water for Life strategy, WSGs are tasked to promote best management practices, collaborate with land-use managers and undertake on-the-ground actions to protect the watershed.

Latest News:

GWAS Annual General Meeting, November 24, 2018